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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If my unit requires service or warranty repair, what should be done?

A: The Warranty covers any defect in the unit. There is a unique and proprietary diagnostic program built into the software of each unit that allows us to test the machine through a few simple questions over the telephone. If the machine needs repair or replacement, we will forward you a new machine and have you return your exsisting unit.

Q: Is there a way to reduce risk of cross contamination?

A: The C-Ray is a very easy to clean and lends itself to quick wipe downs. Another suggestion is to use a specific bowl for risky drugs, like perhapse penicillin. Just lift the existing bowl and replace it with the designated bowl

Q: Is there any calibration or set-up required?

A: There is none. Just plug into a standard socket and you are ready to go. The only thing that should be determined is that the surface the machine is placed on is relatively flat like most counter tops.

Q: Can I count inventory?

A: Yes, inventory countings is simple with the C-Ray, just set the machine target at 0 and start counting. The machine will count all the pills in the bowl.

Q: Does the machine have different modes?

A: Yes and you will become more familiar with them as you use the machine. The machine will count inventory, it will count on a preset mode for different size pills or by pressing start you can customize your count by either reducing or accelerating the speed of the machine using the buttons labeled 1-4.

Q: What if I do not put enough pills into the machine?

A: The machine will tell you or if you notice while it is counting just add more pills, the C-Ray will simply countinue where it left off.

Q: Can I get additional bowls for the machine?

A: Additinal bowls are available and can be ordered with your new C-Ray or you can order them after you have received your C-Ray by calling your local sales representative or call us directly at 1-866-2SCRIPT.

Q: How is the machine cleaned best?

A: For a complete 'end of day clean' just remove the bowl, spiral and the count cups. These can be washed by hand or put in a dishwasher. If it is required that the machine dry fast, we recommend the use of isopropyl alcohol. The rest of the unit can be wiped down with alcohol or water.

Q: How can we be sure the machine is empty?

A: Most stoes operate with the green dust cover off and use a visual check. The machine is designed to do a 'clean out' rotation at the end of the count if left to run to the end of the program.

Q: Can you stop the machine when the count is finished and not have to complete the clean out program?

A: Yes, just press the stop button and the C-Ray will automatically be reset for the next count.

Q: Will the machine count all pills?

A: The C-Ray is designed to count all shapes and sizes of pills (2800 now listed) but occasionally we run across a pill with which the C-Ray may have some difficulty. We would be glad to hear of these instances to better the unit. In the interim just do not count these pills. The unit will still help you with the other 2800+ pills now in production.

Q: Will there be upgrades to the C-Ray?

A: Development is ongoing and we will advise our customer base of changes and the options available to them.

Q: Can I download a users manual?

A: Yes, the user manual is available for download, DOWNLOAD NOW

Q: What is the warranty on the C-Ray?

A: Script Innovations Inc. warrants, the original purchaser, this product against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase (proof of purchase required). During this period Script will repair or replace a defective unit or part, at their discretion, with a new or refurbished product without charge.

No warranty herein contained or set out shall apply when damage or repair is caused by any of the following:

  1. Power failure
  2. Damage in transit or when moving the appliance
  3. Improper power supply such as low voltage, defective, wiring or inadequate fuses.
  4. Accident, alteration, abuse or misuse of the appliance.
  5. Use for Industrial purposes.
  6. Fire, water, damage, theft, war, riot, hostility. Acts of God.
To receive warranty consideration, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number must be obtained by either phoning 1.866.2SCRIPT or emailing warranty@scriptinnovations.com

Q: What is the 30 day money back guarantee?

A: Script Innovations will refund the cost of the C-Ray purchased if it is returned within 30 days of delivery with the original packaging along with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number which must be obtained by either phoning 1.866.2SCRIPT or emailing warranty@scriptinnovations.com. All transportation and insurance costs to Script are the responsibility of the owner.

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